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2-3 Cavendish Circus, Buxton. SK17 6AT



Welcome to Simply Thai Buxton

The finest, authentic Thai food with a warm welcome Thai hospitality, prepared from the very best ingredients including, fresh herbs, spices and exotic vegetables sent to us every week from growers in Thailand.




At the heart of Thai cuisine are the nutritious and healthy herbs, spices and flavourings that provide a dazzling array of delicious and exotic tastes that make Thai cuisine so unique. The basic seasonings are basil, ginger, coconut milk, coriander, fresh curry, garlic, lemon grass and lime, with a variety of other spices. Chilli, of course, is added to raise the temperature of the hotter fare.

The ideal Thai meal is a harmonious blend of the spicy, the subtle, the sweet and sour, and is meant to be equally satisfying to eye, nose and palate.



If you have any questions, last minute booking or takeaway order please gives us a call.

Address: Simply Thai Restaurant,

2-3 Cavendish Circus, Buxton, SK17 6AT


Open 7 days a week 

Lunch: 12-2.30pm

Dinner: 5-10pm(Leave by 10pm)

Tel:01298 24471



You can book a table online here for at least 24hrs in advance and wait for a confirmation.The table is not booked unless confirm by Simply Thai

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