Peang Thai Coffee


Introducing Peang Thai coffee. Peang Thai means “Only Thai” originates from "Porpeang" which was a project started by the King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej to promote a better working life for Thai people. Peang Thai coffee is Direct Trade from the Akha Hill tribe coffee farmers in Phahee Village, Chiangrai, Thailand, there are no middle men. The farmers are paid nearly twice the average fairtrade price for their amazing coffee.

Peang Thai coffee is freshly roasted by Buxton Roastery in Buxton spa town of the Peak District by using Probat coffee roasters which are widely regarded as the worlds finest with a history dating back to 1868. We only hand roast in small batches to unsure quality and freshness. It's beautiful served at Simply Thai and for those who wish to take our fresh roasted coffee beans home or for trade catering use, we will roast to your order and can tailor the roast to your requirements.

All of this to bring us to the end result, a truly amazing cup of coffee. We really believe we are one of the most ethically sourced and finely roasted coffees available. No matter how you choose to make your coffee from espresso to cafetiere you will have a coffee that not only tastes wonderful but you can feel proud to drink.

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by Mim Simply Thai